4-Point Inspections

The 4-Point Inspection

A 4-Point Inspection identifies the working order of only four areas of interest of your home. This type of inspection is used often when it comes time to get insurance for your home. This will not take the place of a full home inspection but it will satisfy the requirements by many South Florida home insurers. We are qualified to perform a 4-point inspection which includes:

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

When purchasing an older home, the HVAC systems cannot only be dangerous but also inefficient. Our 4-point inspection will look at all of the systems the home might have including gas, wood, or electric components.

Electrical Wiring & Panels

In a 4-point inspection of your electrical wiring and panels, you will get details about how the system works and if it is safe, above and beyond a traditional home inspection. This will include inspecting the wiring and breaker boxes, looking at how the wiring is grounded, and if the proper amperage is being used.

Plumbing Connections & Fixtures

In your 4-point plumbing inspection, we will be looking in depth for things like corrosion and improper drainage or materials. We will also take a look at hoses and connections so you know that these are in good condition.


We have a lot of severe weather in Florida. A specialized roof inspection is to ensure that the roof can handle, not just hurricanes, but also other weather events like hail, wind, and copious amounts of water.