Broward County

Broward County, Florida – Useful Area Information

There are nearly 2-million people in Broward County making it the second largest county by population in the state of Florida. The county is made up of urban development and the Everglades, highlighting it as a diverse place to live, work and play.  You’ll find great communities within Broward County including Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale and plenty of great smaller municipalities filled with tightly knit neighborhoods. There are 71 schools in the Hollywood area and 75 schools in the Fort Lauderdale area; both systems have positive feedback from families.

If you want to be a part of Broward County like a local, you can start by calling it SoCo, and take part in some of the unique things that happen within this area. This is a unique county where you can take an evening beach walk to look for turtles, see Sea Sirens in Fort Lauderdale, have dinner on a boat or tour the art spaces at FAT village.

Broward County Real Estate Overview

The median home prices in Fort Lauderdale are just over $330,000 while those in Hollywood sit at $270,000. Both markets have seen an increase in home value with Hollywood being the better year over year rise. Depending on the community or municipality you live in, the property taxes will run $3,000+ annually.

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If you are moving to Broward County, we have come up with a series of useful links to help you establish roots and have fun right out of the gate.

  • Broward County Services and Information – Stay up to date on property info, business services, public works services, and public transit at this site.
  • Broward County Water Service  Get fee structure and hook up information here.
  • Florida Power and Light – Get your electricity service started here.
  • Sunny.orgA great place to learn about events happening in the greater Fort Lauderdale area from land to sea.

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