Whole Home Inspections

Our approach to home inspection services includes a number of factors to ensure our clients have clarity around their potential home purchase. We know that this process can be intimidating so we have broken down our services below to give you a better sense of what we do and how we can help protect your investment.

The Home Inspection

When you purchase a home with a remodeled bathroom, updated kitchen, and pretty patio; you’re also purchasing any problems that you can’t see. Our home inspections are a comprehensive evaluation of the grounds of the property, the structure(s), and the interior spaces. If you are new to home buying and are unfamiliar with what an inspection entails, we have summarized many of the tasks we perform below. While this won’t be an exhaustive summary, this offers you a look into the home inspection process.

The Property

  • We will look for any issues with the driveway and parking pad construction. This might include cracking or improper drainage.
  • We will seek to learn about any property irrigation systems and other sources of drainage to ensure that water is safely getting away from the main structure.
  • We will look for any vegetation that might be causing harm to certain aspects of the property including the main structure.


  • Our inspection will include looking deeply at the roof and its construction, locating any missing shingles, flashing or trim problems. We will also be searching for any signs of leaks and give you a determination as to the longevity of the roof.
  • We will ensure that deck spaces and patios are up to code and are safe spaces for you and your family.  
  • We will be visibly looking for any cracks in the outside foundation walls and any vegetation that could complicate or impact the structure. We will do this both outside and inside via a basement or crawl space.


  • Inside we will be looking at your appliances to evaluate how they’ve been maintained or identify if they may need to be replaced.
  • We will inspect all of the sink and tub basins to make sure that they too are draining properly and not creating any damage.
  • We will be looking around the roof lines for any water damage, along with any drywall stains that may suggest there are water issues.
  • Any fire damage in the property will also be addressed and we will seek to gain any additional information about such an event.
  • We will also pay close attention to how the floor looks and if there is any sloping, cracks, or damages that may be a sign of a bigger problem.


  • We will locate and inspect the mechanical systems of your home including the AC and heat.
  • We will look at the wiring of the home to ensure it is done to code and to identify issues that could pose any dangers.
  • This part of the inspection will also include looking at the plumbing in various parts of the home to make sure that it is working properly.
  • Venting and exhaust are also important components and we will identify where those are in the home, (typically bathrooms and kitchens) to make sure that they are constructed properly and are functioning.


  • We will turn on light switches and check outlets to ensure those features work and that they are grounded properly.
  • We will make sure that windows and doors open and close properly and gauge how efficient they are for your home.
  • We will also inspect the garage and workspaces to verify they are free from any hazards or potential problems, or that a garage door and opener are ready to use.